Motor third party insurance

1- To fill in the form of accidents (of the company).
2- The original traffic police report of the accident (draft) stamped / logo of Najm.
3- The original final report.
4- The original estimations issued by related authorities.
5- Estimations issued by workshops which are approved by the traffic police.
6- The estimation of chairman of exhibits; authorized by traffic police.
7- Declaration of escape stamped by the traffic police or authorized entities.
8- A copy of the insurance document of that caused the accident.
9- A copy of the ownership of the vehicle of the insured person as well as a copy of the driver's license (who caused the accident).
10- A photograph showing the damages that happened to the vehicle as well as the license plate number and chassis number
11- The original document of the court, heirs counting, in case of death and injuries.
12- An authorization, attested by the chamber of commerce or an attested authorization.

Motor Vehicles Accident Notification Form